Fly Fishing Rods

Smallmouth Bass – 5-7 wt. fly rods.

We use mostly nymphs and some top water poppers throughout the season. A floating line with a 9′ 4x to 3x or longer works well. Most of the nymph fishing is sight fishing. You will literally spot and target fish then watch them inhale your fly. These fish are extremely hard fighting fresh water fish. Flies and technique change during the season so if you want more specific information for a specific time of year you can call or email and we will get you information directly from one of our guides.

Shad – 6-8 wt. fly rods.

A 20′ to 25′ shooting head with 300 to 400 grain striking line with a shooting line backing is the most effective. A full sinking line works but is not as effective. We use a 7′ to 9′ 4x to 3x leader. When the shad are in, fly fishing is very effective. These fish average 2 ½ lbs and many in the 3 to 5 lbs range. These fish are some of the hardest fighting fish you will see with many aerial displays. We use small bead-chain eye flashy nymphs. Call for more specifics and we can get you directly in contact with a guide.
Steelhead – 7-8 wt. fly rods.

Fly fishing can be very effective for steelhead from July through September. We fish both above and below the fly water zone on the North Umpqua. We strictly fish the North Umpqua above Roseburg for summer steelhead. Since techniques change drastically below fly water and above fly water zone it is best to call for information.