Fly Fisher’s Checklists

The following is a handy list of things you need and also things that may make your time on the water more enjoyable.


Rod – Trout 3-6 wt rod, Lake Trout 5-6 wt rod, Steelhead 7-8 wt rod, Salmon 9-10 wt rod. 

Reel – A drag isn’t necessary for trout fishing, but is recommended for Steelhead and Salmon. 

Fly Line (Matched to your rod)

Line Backing


Tippet material

Flies (Varies based on where you’re fishing and whether you’re using a floating or sinking line.)

Fly Box (Most fly fisherman have several)

Polarized Sunglasses (Eye protection and takes glare off the water surface.)

Visor cap

Vest Tools

  • Nippers for cutting leaders

  • Forceps to help you remove the hook from the fish and pinch down barbs

  • Retractor to hold tools

  • Knot tying tool (makes streamside knot tying a breeze)

Wading Gear

  • Neoprene is usually less expensive but can be uncomfortable in warm weather.  Breathable waders pull moisture from your skin but keep the water out.  Capilene or Polypropylene under garments help keep you comfortable in all weather conditions.

  • Wading Shoes – good felt soles will help you in wading.  Here in the Pacific Northwest a spiked pair of wading shoes can help give you a big advantage on slippery moss covered rocks.  

  • Wading Belt – IMPORTANT!!

Fly Vest or Fanny Pack to hold your gear

Rain Jacket – Spend a little more here and get a good breathable one

Practice minimum-impact fishing by carrying out everything you carry in. Leaving the shore pristine promotes stewardship of fishing areas for future generations to enjoy.