Tenerife is one of the most scenic of the Canary Islands and boats a beautiful and varied landscape. Here you have a bit of everything. Beaches in the south of the island, dense forests and greenery in the north and of course the impressive landscape of Tedie national park. Because of this, it is not hard to understand why Tenerife is such a popular tourist destination, attracting over a million people here each year on holidays.

It is possible to go on the Diamant boat trips and look at the ocean floor because of the glass bottom. This is a great boat to choose if you are often seasick.

Whale watching is also a key activity with 500,000 people watching whales in Tenerife each year. The whales face problems such as damage of their habitat and also the danger of being hit by ships. If you take a trip here you have 80% chance of seeing wild dolphins who are very playful and will come up to the boat to see what is happening.